Workshops for managers: Master targeted challenges

For the development of managers, I have specialised in three types of workshops:


Workshop for management teams

Really a “broad” topic. However, what is right for you – what do you need? What works for your employees – what do they need? Management works differently for everyone. Get valuable input concerning self and staff management – with a lot of tips for your daily work


Workshop“Management in production is different”

Noisy equipment, deadline pressures, workload and workforce planning, shift work – this is your daily routine in production. To be a manager here requires enormous flexibility and understanding of human nature. You would like to expand, optimise, do things “differently”? Let yourself be surprised by what is possible …   


Workshop “Carrying out employee talks”

Nagging team members, inefficient employees, a project is bordering on “being driven off a cliff”, arguing colleagues … there are numerous reasons to ask staff to come in for a talk. You’ll learn in this workshop how to stay calm, keep on point, mediate competently, respond professionally in challenging situations and many more remarkable things.

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