Online-Coach Doris Wagner

Online coaching: Both time saving and highly effective

Often people lack the time to meet up for a personal face-to-face coaching session. Online coaching is a pleasant and equally effective alternative. You save on the travel time and costs and at the same time you can concentrate fully on the exchange with me.

Online coaching is suitable for the first introductory conversation as well as for further coaching appointments after the first one or two personal meetings. The appointment is carried out using Skype, for example. The video function helps ensure that the personal proximity is not lost which is something that a normal phone call can’t offer.

Coaching using audiovisual media is becoming increasingly popular.  Especially as it saves a lot of time and is just as effective. It also means that you have the possibility of talking to me when you are on the go during business trips.

You only have a little time and in spite of this don’t want to miss out on coaching?
Then let’s have a talk.